Income Insurance

By Adam, Mar 2020


Sh*t happens. People have accidents. And people get illnesses. In 2018 alone, 414,000 people were off work for at least two months due to accident or illness.

With Statutory Sick Pay limited, just £94.25 a week, and the uncertainty around Universal Credit, it is essential to have cover in place to protect yourself against any lost income from being unable to work.

That’s why we are launching Income Insurance. Income Insurance pays you a monthly amount when you can’t work. You’ll be covered for all accidents or illnesses.

Let’s look at some of the detail.

1. Choose your own cover amount

Your cover amount is how much we pay you each month you can’t work. This payment is tax-free! Depending on how much you earn, you can choose a cover amount of up to £2,000. You choose this when buying your cover.

2. You pay for your cover each month

Once you are covered, you pay us a small monthly price for your cover. But if you change your mind at any point, you can cancel. No penalties or fees. We also don’t charge you when you are claiming.

3. Claim for anything

We don’t have long lists of what’s covered and what’s not. Instead, we pay you for any accident or illness that stops you from working.

There are a few dangerous activities like sky diving, which we don’t cover.

4. Start being paid after two months off work

We start paying you once you’ve been off work for just two months. Even if your employer is still paying you.

5. Get paid for up to two years each time you claim

Each time you claim, you get paid for up to 2 years, whilst you are off work! So, you have long term security and can focus on other things instead of worrying about money.

6. Claim as many times as you need

With our cover, you can claim as many times as you need. With 1 in 4 people affected by mental illness every year. We believe it’s vital that you have cover that you can rely on throughout your career.

7. Covered until you retire

You’re covered until you’re 70. So, you won’t have to worry about being off work at any time during your career. But don’t forget, you can cancel whenever. No penalties or fees.

8. Certainty around your future price

Unlike most insurance, we tell you upfront how much your price will change each year. We increase the price you pay by just 3% each year, even if you have claimed.

Getting covered

Getting yourself covered couldn’t be easier. It all starts with a few simple and quick questions about yourself and your health.

You can check out our prices in minutes and get covered just as quickly!

Income Insurance is coming later this month 😊.