Income Insurance Claims

By Darren, Aug 2020


The short answer is, you can claim for any illness or injury that stops you from being able to do your job.

The great advantage of Income Insurance is that you don’t have to suffer from the ‘right’ illness in order to claim. Unlike some types of insurance that will only pay out if you have a specific condition (and even then, you have to meet their definition of that condition), Income Insurance pays out if you are unable to do your job regardless of the illness.

That means you don’t need to worry about whether the disease or injury is covered or not, or even new diseases not being covered (who knew about COVID-19 in 2019?!) – with Income Insurance it doesn’t matter.

What are the most common claims on Income Insurance?

The most common causes of being off work for the medium or long term (so think months not days) are:

What are some other reasons that stop people from being able to work?

With around 141 million working days lost each year in the UK through sickness or injury the list of causes is extremely long and varied. However, the government compiles statistics that show that some of the most common causes, outside those already mentioned, are:

What can't I claim for on Income Insurance?

The only scenario not covered on Income Insurance is injury due to participation in certain high-risk activities (stuff like motor racing). To keep cover as affordable as possible for the average worker, we have excluded injuries from these activities. But of course, normal activities like going for a family bike ride or playing non-professional football are covered.

Also, remember that Income Insurance pays out after you’ve been off work for 2 months. Each time it pays you until you’ve recovered or you have been paid for 2 years.

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