Insurance Club

Terms and conditions

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions for Insurance Club. It covers both ‘Educate’ and ‘Protect’ versions of the Insurance Club.

These Terms and Conditions apply to Spring’s customers, upon successful registration and meeting the Insurance Club’s eligibility criteria.

  1. What is Insurance Club?

Insurance Club is a platform that educates you about your insurance risks, through weekly tasks, and rewards you for engaging with the Insurance Club through weekly prize draws.

Insurance Club is not an advised platform and the information provided should not be considered advice. It is a platform designed to help you understand your risks and available solutions. The information provided is only intended for personal and consumer use.

  1. Who provides the Insurance Club?

Insurance Club is provided by Spring. Spring is a trading style of Spring Financial Ltd (No. 11843942), authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 841489).

  1.   How can I join the Insurance Club?

If you have purchased Income Insurance from us, you will automatically join the Insurance Club as a “Protect” member.

If you have not purchased Income Insurance, you can sign up for free and join the Insurance Club as an “Educate” member.

If you are an “Educate” member and subsequently purchase Income Insurance from us, you will automatically become a “Protect” member.

  1.   What are the eligibility criteria to join the Insurance Club?

To be able to join the Insurance Club, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a resident of the United Kingdom
  2. Age between 18 and 35 years old

Insurance Club tasks are designed specifically for 18 to 35 years old and as a result Insurance Club is only relevant to this age group.

Once you have joined, you will remain a member even if you become older than 35 years of age. However, you will need to continue to be a resident of the United Kingdom to be eligible for prizes.

Only one registration per person is allowed. If you have signed up more than once, you are not eligible to receive rewards under any of your accounts and we may terminate all of your accounts without prior notice. We may request proof of identity from you to ensure accurate information has been provided when registering. This is to ensure the integrity of Insurance Club and prize draws are maintained. If inaccurate information has been provided, you will be ineligible to receive prizes and we may terminate your accounts.

You can only be a Protect or Educate member. You cannot be a member of both at the same time.

Employees of Spring, their families and all third parties associated with the Insurance Club are not eligible to enter the prize draws. However, they can register and join the Insurance Club.

  1. How can I enter the prize draw?

If you are a “Protect” member. you are automatically entered into the weekly prize draw.

If you are an “Educate” member, you must complete your weekly task to be entered into the draw. Insurance Club tasks are in the form of calculators, quizzes, polls, and blog posts.

We define Week as Monday 00:00 GMT to Sunday 23:59 GMT.

  1. What are the prizes?

The prizes will be announced at the beginning of each week. The prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternatives will be offered.

  1. When will the prize draw take place?

Each Monday, we will carry out two separate prize draws. One for Protect members and another for Educate members. Winners will be selected at random from eligible members and using a computer programme.

Winners will be notified via email or our website within 2 working days.

Prizes will be sent to winners via email, in the case of digital goods, or post, in the case of physical goods.

Physical goods will be sent directly from the retailer to the winner’s address using Royal Mail 1st class delivery, or an equivalent delivery option. The prizes will include the cost of delivery to any UK address.

If you win one of our prizes, we may publish or disclose your information such as your surname, member number, and country, on our website or social media platforms. In some instances, we may have to disclose the winner’s personal data to regulators, for example, Advertising Standards Authority.

  1. How can I leave the Insurance Club?

You can leave the Insurance Club at any time directly from your account. Once you leave, you will no longer be eligible for the prize draw.

If you are an Income Insurance customer, your Insurance Club will cancel automatically if you cancel your Income Insurance.

  1. Can you change or cancel Insurance Club, prizes or these terms and conditions?

Yes, we reserve the right to modify, amend or cancel Insurance Club, prizes, and associated Terms and Conditions.

Customers will be notified in advance via email of any changes to the Insurance Club and the associated Terms and Conditions. The updated T&Cs will be published on our website. Customers will continue to have the right to leave the Insurance Club if they wish so.

  1. What data do you collect from me?

We will collect data from you when you register with us and when you engage with the Insurance Club, according to our privacy policy. You can read our privacy policy here.

Version 1.0 - This document was updated on 11/10/2020.